Summary of publications on NZ Society of Authors website: 

After Andrew - Two Kiwis Cross Australia  (2010) Adelaide to Kakadu and Darwin on the trail of my grandfather, Andrew Lennox, an 1899 bush cyclist and missionary.

Most of my projects lead to some form of publication, often online - see Recent Projects.

School Assessment for the National Qualifications Framework - my previously unpublished research paper for Master of Education (Victoria University of Wellington, 1995). The document on the link above is an abbreviated version (the full document is too large to upload onto this site) - email me if you'd like a full PDF copy of the paper. A summary of the paper was published by NZQA in the context of explaining the background to NCEA.

Learning and Assessment - An introduction to assessment for the National Qualifications Framework (NZQA 1995, reprinted 1997, 1999, 2001). A groundbreaking guide for teachers and tutors explaining standards based assessment. Researched and written while employed by NZQA. Still available on the NZQA website.

Introduction to Shape-Shifter - At Hone’s request, I wrote the Introduction to this volume of Hone Tuwhare’s poetry (Steele Roberts 1998).

Film and Fiction - Studies of New Zealand Fiction and Film Adaptation (Longman Paul 1985) Written as a text for senior English classes in the days when there were no resources on NZ films.